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10 rules to write by

Posted by Randilin on December 3, 2007

So I was reading on ‘Writing in the Water’ a list of ten rules to write by and it struck me as something every writer should have. It gives them a base line to work for to strive for. So here goes I’d love any feed back and suggestions.  The idea originally came from the Next Great Writing Project

10 – Grammar Be Damned: As you write just write, ignore the little squiggle lines of various colours under what you have written. There will be time enough to go back and look through all of that later.

9 – Turn Off the Distraction: In the modern home you’ve got Internet, TV, Movies, Wii, PS2, X-Box, Nintendo DS, and PSP. How can you expect to get any writing done if your surrounded by all of those things all biding for your attention. As fun as these things are they are a distraction, Turn the Off if you want to get anything done and keep them as a reward.

8 – Crave Rejection: Every rejection letter you receive puts you one letter closer to success. Don’t let yourself get down every time you get one. If you do that your in for a long depressing career as a writer.  Wear it like a badge of honour knowing that many others before you have gotten them as well.

7 – You don’t have to do it alone: While the act of writing is by it’s very nature Solitary. but as a writer you don’t need to be alone, share your ideas and voice your encouragement to others on forums and blogs. It will help them and help you as well.

6 – Don’t forget life: As important as writing is you can’t forget / ignore the rest of the universe to do it. Some times you just have to step away from the keyboard so don’t regret it, enjoy it. Oh and keep a note book handy in case inspiration strikes.  Life also extends to your own health,  so take the time to eat, get some exercise and stay healthy.

5 – Learn to use your tools: You have some many different options about how to write, try lots of different options and experiment with them all in different combinations. Don’t be afraid to try new ones, and don’t be afraid to rejects them if they don’t work for you.

4 – Opinions: They are like bums everyone has one and some of them just smell more then others.  The more you write the more you will want to share it with friends and family.  Not everyone will understand what you write and not everyone will like what you write either.  Take only what will make you better from what they say and then Thank them for there opinion and move on.  See rule 8.

3 – Love what you Write: You’ve got to have a passion for some part of it. Either the story or the setting or the idea if you don’t your going to loss interest and it will never get finished.2 – Write, Write and Write: Your novel / Story / Article won’t write itself. You have to do all the work so get typing. No one is going to come to you and say ‘its your time to write’ Its up to you to make the time to write and then to use it wisely. So don’t waste it and write everyday

1 – Rules: Rules we don’t need know stinking rules.  Write, what you feel, write what you want, and don’t worry about the rules others try to put on you.  Follow there rules only so long as they serve you.

You know in looking through these they apply just as well to real life as they do to writing.


3 Responses to “10 rules to write by”

  1. mapelba said

    Hey, I’m glad you took to your own rules–they’re great to keep and to break! Rule four especially speaks to me. Keep writing. Oh, and in the next week I’m going to start sending out my encouragment/keep writing email–we are all going to finish our novels!

  2. Mary (MPJ) said

    Love your rules. I especially love 10, as I have been working on that lately. I tend to become distracted by grammar and become so lost in the details that I forget to just write!

  3. Mama Zen said

    #9 is my problem – I haven’t figured out how to turn off my kid!

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